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Book Review: The D1gital Doll$r: Sustainable Strategies for Online Success by Joe Wozny

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How does a company go from a so so or no digital effort to a profitable, long-term online business strategy? A new book, The D1gital Doll$r: Sustainable Strategies for Online Success by Joe Wozny (Fairwinds Press, 2012) offers real-world plans and strategies to get a company online and investing digital dollars in marketing, advertising, social media, blogging, and among other activities.

Wozny defines digital dollars as “a unique phrase that is used in the title of, and throughout, this book. The digital dollar, in the context of this book, defines all references to our unique perspective of the relationship between your money and the online world.”

He adds, “Digital dollar is used to describe real-world dollars dedicated to all endeavors and activities in an online environment including advertising, marketing, social media, mobile, blogging, etc.”

The book as described by the author, is meant to reach all “knowledge levels and speak to all audiences who want a better understanding of which online activities they should invest in.” Wozny uses 11 chapters and 200 pages to take the reader from what a name means on the Internet, using content, no or low cost marketing options, and social media marketing to digital advertising and digital roadmaps.

The last chapter delves into finding an appropriate starting point using tactical core elements to help categorize like activities and narrow the choices. Wozny uses four elements including:

• Identity – attracting visitors and getting them to return
• Visibility – getting found by a target market
• Engagement – keeping visitors interested
• Activation – for many, this means converting visitors into customers

One of the early topics in the book that should be of interest to new or seasoned online marketers is online names versus brand names. The author writes, ”When establishing a brand, it’s important to reserve and use a name that ties directly to your subject matter, particularly if you wish to leverage search engines to generate visitors.”

The book is well written, provides plenty of detail on the concepts presented, and offers implementable suggestions. Wozny implores readers to “please, please create a content plan” when he writes of developing and using online content. He also suggests using editorial plans and social media schedules to keep postings fresh and dynamic.

He also offers ways to develop and implement digital roadmaps which can help define online goals, review all of the digital options available, and refine the measurement of online activities. All in all, the language and the writing keeps the overly technical language at a minimum while at the same time offering a well versed discussion of using the digital world effectively.

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