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Book Review: The Children Didn’t See Anything by Ellen Byerrum

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Finally! Finally! A writer has penned a story for young adults (and adults who crave exceptional tales) that is just absolutely AMAZING. Ellen Byerrum has captured PHENOMENAL storytelling in its purest form! Good gravy! The Children Didn’t See Anything was just a breath of fresh air with a brilliant chronicle of events from start to finish. The characters popped off the page and landed on my lap… I think the kids wanted some of my Jolly Ranchers while they scoped out my Galaxy and ‘puter. And my girl, Evvie, was fixated on my ears. Sweet thing, she was counting the holes in my ears… ears, not head. I have three piercings in each ear from back in the day, but currently sport two. Hey, I was a sweetheart renegade back then. Ah, cookie cakes, gasping out loud is not the way to play nice with Morasco! As I was saying, I was a sweet angel with a little bad ass swirled in. Oh, do you need a lozenge for that coughing spell ya havin’? Just sayin’! Geeesh!

I have read… reread and skimmed my favorite passages many, many times. If The Children Didn’t See Anything is a mass market or trade edition, it’d need a little resuscitation from hot doc Dr. Patrick Drake. Good gravy! Let me say this and remember if ya got nothin’ nice to say… zip it! I am not and have never been a fan of Judy Blume, nor am a fan of the Twi-snore-boring- saga. I love my stories to take my mind on a journey and Byerrum did. Hallelujah! Cue the choir! A dazzling children’s account for today’s youth is all nestled inside this novelette.

It is no secret my childhood was more like Freddy’s playground than any house on a prairie, but Byerrum healed places inside I had no idea could even feel anything, but feel it did. I laughed, I cried, I sighed. I was late to a meeting because I was finishing up this delightful adventure while in traffic. Ah, let me set ya straight, Morasco doesn’t ride the subway. As if! I don’t think there is enough sanitizer for me to even consider it. Besides HUGE rats live down there. MAMMOTH! Eek! Yes, I love New York, but some things are just not happening. Not even Jonny’s alter ego Holmes can coax me down into the city’s underbelly.

The Children Didn’t See Anything has got to be scooped up by some network to bring this remarkable tale to life for kiddos across the globe. If not, perhaps, I should get on the ball rolling. Byerrum is NOTEWORTHY across the board with this outing! I felt the little girl in me giggle and bubble over with every page I turned. Byerrum did not pull any punches with her characters either. She flawlessly seized the Bresette family dynamics authentically and didn’t waste precious time explaining why this was going on or why she wrote that instead. Byerrum is without a doubt the latest voice in to enter the teen market, but she is THE most refreshing voice to come along in decades… I’m 35… you do the math!

The Children Didn’t See Anything by Byerrum is as cherished to me as my Nancy Drew novels. Byerrum is breaking the proverbial glass ceiling in children’s literature with this one. And the fact it’s a novella to boot showcases her skills. One of my favorite scenes was the Barbie Doll Crime Scene Reconstruction one. I so wanted to…ah, never mind. Giggling

The Children Didn’t See Anything is too spectacular a novel not to be in libraries, schools and shelters across the globe. It would be a gift to children and parents around the world to share this with their little ones…especially since not everyone can afford the luxury of a reading device. And please don’t say they can download an app to read. Really, now? Who wants to cuddle up in bed with their computer? The Children Didn’t See Anything is definitely a flashlight read. Remember those? Wink

Meet charming and naturally hilarious Evangeline. Evvie is one-half of the articulate twelve-year-old Bresette twins and Raphael is definitely a boy. And a delight to read. Byerrum netted Raphael and all of his mannerisms superbly. Rafe is excellently written without any questions as to if he was really such an annoying boy! Brava, Byerrum!

What starts out as an ordinary summer of reading, hijinks, swimming, quarreling, and chilling at the country club is anything but for the Bresette siblings.
Dealing with their unconventional barrister parents and hanging out with grandma is what is on the agenda for the summer — until a woman croaks at their grandparents’ country club. And Evangeline notices the corpse is missing a pair of diamond earrings.

Raphael would rather go splashing and leave the sleuthing to the adults. But the grown-ups, who reason the children didn’t see anything, haven’t got a clue as to what is really going on. Trusting her own intellect and inquisitiveness, her brother and their friends, Evangeline spearheads her own exploration into the enigmatic search for the misplaced jewels using a Barbie Doll Crime Scene Reconstruction display to unveil the death wasn’t from natural causes.

However, Evangeline’s pursuit for righteousness soon demonstrates to be far more precarious than she ever anticipated.

Shout out to Bob for the AWESOME cover!

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