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Book Review: The Chicago Cubs: Our Team, Our Dream: A Cub’s Fan’s Journey into Baseball’s Greatest Romance by Tammy Lechner

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Americans love an underdog, and that’s readily apparent in the zeal and affection Chicagoans – and fans all over the country – have for the Chicago Cubs, MLB’s "Lovable Losers."

The Chicago Cubs: Our Team, Our Dream: A Cub's Fan's Journey into Baseball's Greatest Romance ,Tammy Lechner’s photo essay, covers the game day routines of the Cubs and their fans nationwide. Lechner, a photojournalist and Cubs fan, wrote about sports for the Louisville Courier Journal, then focused on baseball for AP and USA Today’s Baseball Weekly, and her knowledge of the game and the Cubs certainly shows in Our Dream, Our Team.

This book will appeal to all diehard baseball fans, not just Cub fans, and the absorbing photos are even fun browsing for folks uninterested in sports. Some of the shots of the Chicago skyline are truly gorgeous, and a picture of Wrigley Field covered in snow will tug on the heartstrings of any true Cubs fan.

Our Team, Our Dream captures the Cubs and their fans in hope and heartache from spring training to the final out to partying in the parking lot of Wrigley Field. Most of the pictures cover the 1980s and 1990s Cubs, (Lechner began working on the book in 1993) with photos and accompanying text highlighting the heydays of players like Ryne Sandberg, Sammy Sosa, and Mark Grace, although there’s a chapter about the ill-fated 1969 Cubs team, The ’69 team nosedive toward the end of the season boosted the Mets to their miracle victory in the World Series.

Some of the Cubs ups and downs since their last World Series victory in 1909, including their heartbreaking loss in the 2003 play-offs, are chronicled here. Even the cross-town rivals White Sox won the Series in 2005, and the Red Sox won in 2004 after being shut out since 1912. Now it’s 2008 and the Cubs have yet to defeat the curse allegedly put on them by tavern owner Billy Sianis. When the powers that be at Wrigley Field banished him and his beloved goat from the friendly confines during the 1945 World Series, Sianas hexed the team, according to Cubs folklore. Cubs fans are more superstitious than your average sports fan, and that's saying a lot. Lechner talks to some of these fans in a chapter called "Curse of the Last Dance."

Angelenos have their movie stars and New York has celebrities of every stripe, but Chicago adores its Cubbies, win or lose, and Our Team, Our Dream depicts this in over 300 appealing photos.

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