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Book Review: The Chic Entrepreneur by Elizabeth W. Gordon and Leanna Adams

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Calling all business women! Take your business from flats to stilettos with the bible for business women seeking success in style, entitled The Chic Entrepreneur – Put Your Business in Higher Heels by Elizabeth Gordon. Her trendy theme “Chic Entrepreneur” is sweeping across the states, landing in the hands of business women and men everywhere.

Though her book is geared toward women, men have been reading the book as well. Their reasoning behind it is due to the fact that it provides them with valuable insight from a different point of view. The men seem to be impressed with the book enough to purchase copies of it for the women in their lives seeking to start (or who have already started) their own business.

Each chapter in this business how-to guide hones in on a necessary prerequisite of corporate success. Gordon supplies the reader with examples throughout the book of individuals who apply essential business techniques to their business. However, Gordon doesn’t stop here, she also provides the reader with examples of individuals who chose not to apply these skills for whatever reason, whether it be lack of research, knowledge, or drive.

All chapters are equipped with chic tips, and at the end of each chapter is a “How Chic Are You?” segment that helps the business owner put into perspective some of the key elements that are vital for any successful business venture.

The book is not loaded with a lot of intense business jargon. It is easy to follow, understand, and apply to virtually any business no matter what the industry.

Gordon has a passion for helping others achieve their entrepreneurial dreams, which is quite obvious when you read this book. Her book is geared towards helping women everywhere overcome whatever obstacles that may be standing in their way, thus preventing them from becoming a chic entrepreneur. She teaches women not to be wallflowers, but to be bold, brave, and daring by taking a leap of faith and launching out on their business endeavors.

Now ladies: let’s get chicy with it!

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