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Book Review: The Caliphate by Andre Le Gallo

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There are a lot of authors that try and write “ripped from the headlines” thrillers. Andre Le Gallo need not worry that he has failed in this mission with The Caliphate. This is a pot boiler from start to finish, one of those novels that begs to be read in or two sitings.

As with most good fiction, very little of it is truly made up; most of it is truly entirely real. The characters blend into the environments gracefully and it’s all very believable.

The novel involves double agents, Islamists trying to bring back the title of the novel (an Islamist caliphate over all “Muslim lands”).

There are children of diplomacy with a complex backgrounds and experiences settling into adulthoods that might not have necessarily been their first choice. To add to the interesting mix is a young woman descended from Tuareg royalty and a new secret Israeli weapon.

As with reality, things get tense and almost catastrophic due to intelligence failures, incompetence and general lacklustre performance. The main characters manage to handle things by the skin of their teeth and we are along for the ride.

Furthermore, to add to the realism, not everything is wrapped up in the end and the reader is left to wonder what the consequences of it all might be.

The novel might be a touch too close to reality for some. It’s all too plausible plot might be a source of worry for those of delicate disposition. But if intelligently written, well researched thrillers are your thing, then you owe yourself a read.

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