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Book Review: The Boost Your Metabolism Cookbook: Fire Up Your Diet for a Fit and Firm You by Chef Susan Irby with Rachel Laferriere, MS, RD

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Here’s an interesting but depressingly unfair fact, courtesy of Center for Human Nutrition: the average woman’s metabolism drops 2 to 3 percent per decade starting at age 30. Never before considered a high achiever, I think I’ve managed to at least triple or quadruple those figures every ten years.

The Boost Your Metabolism Cookbook claims to be waist-whittling and butt-busting, two very attractive qualities in a book. Our friend “The Bikini Chef,” Susan Irby, has collaborated with Rachel Laferriere to offer dieters ways to boost their metabolism without suffering through milk chased with hot sauce or maple syrup/cayenne pepper lemonade (Ugh. Do people really try those things?)

More than 300 recipes representing cuisines from all around the globe appear in The Boost Your Metabolism Cookbook, and they are exciting combinations of flavor and ingredients that are far from your favorite comfort foods. You won’t find macaroni and cheese or meatloaf and mashed potatoes, but Irby doesn’t demand that you give up pasta, beef, or potatoes. The secret is in how they are prepared, and with what they are combined.

The Boost Your Metabolism Cookbook includes lists of sure-fire metabolism boosters and additional metabolism-boosting foods, suggestions for supplements, and “Metabolic Tips and Tricks.” (So…how do I trick my body without it finding out?) There are also recipes for breakfast, appetizers and dips, sandwiches, wraps, pizza, soups, salad, meat  and seafood dishes, pastas and grains, side dishes, vegetarian dishes, smoothies, snacks, and dessert. Every recipe includes the number of servings, plus fat, calories, carb, and protein counts, and info on how each dish contributes to metabolism boosting.

Flipping to the desserts, one finds Ricotta Torte with Candied Orange, Chocolate Meringue with Hazelnuts, and New York Cheesecake with Wild Berries. If this is what’s going to boost my metabolism and shrink my derriere, sign me up!

Scattered throughout The Boost Your Metabolism Cookbook are tips and facts about boosting metabolism and successful dieting.  With recipes that include Pecan-Crusted Chicken, Risotto with Asparagus and Red Bell Pepper, and Roasted Pork Tenderloin with Blackberry Glaze, this cookbook tempts with savory meal suggestions and the concept of a trimmer you.

Bottom Line: Would I buy The Boost Your Metabolism Cookbook? Yes, my metabolism definitely needs a kick start.

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