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Book Review: The Book of Transformation: Open Yourself to Psychic Evolution, The Rebirth of the World by Lisa Barretta

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The Book of Transformation: Open Yourself to Psychic Evolution, The Rebirth of the World by Lisa Barretta is an interesting book on the aftermath of the Galactic Alignment which happens once every 26,000 years. There will be an unprecedented globalization together with marvelous technological advances
according to the author. Even the human DNA will be enhanced with new strands. The upgraded homo sapiens will be more spiritual, great multi-taskers, right-brained and creative, technologically inclined with boundless energy.

The new crystal children will be more empathetic, creative, musical, interested in gemstones and vegan enthusiasts. A new stock called the rainbow children will be born between 2011-2030. These children will have healing, sensitive and loving feelings. They will require a light or organic diet and need very little sleep.

Lisa Barretta discusses the classic levels where people will survive and thrive. The lower Astral level consists of fear, anger, resentment, jealousy and the typical behaviors that have been part of the human existence throughout history. When each of us begins to shed fear consciousness, then higher psychic channels will open and begin to manifest the positive things in our lives.

The Etheric level consists of energy workers and people who are said to experience out of body realms. Our psychic abilities are amplified in the Mental level. This is the canvass of the conscious mind and physical reality itself. The Chakra system consists of energy-sensitive vortices located in different parts
of the body. In the higher dimensions, there is no separateness.

The first or Root chakra is located at the base of the spine. This chakra relates to physical grounding, basic instincts, subtleties, tastes and smells. The Solar Plexus chakra is near the naval. The energy from this chakra flows from the primal to spiritual realms. The heart is the fourth chakra or Seat of the Soul. In this energy center, perceptions are transformed into emotions.

Acupressure points on the skull can help shift the mind, expand awareness and encourage psychic insight. Bodywork moves energy trauma, emotional baggage and long-held cellular memory so you can cut the Gordian knot and free yourself from chords that bind.

The author has some unique perspectives on handling depression. Deep tissue massages can be helpful because muscles can store memories of trauma. St. John’s Wort has been used for centuries to enhance mood. Sound therapy has been shown to release dopamine and serotonin which are associated with happiness. Aromatherapy relieves stress and depression. Some classic aromas are bergamot, cedarwood, chamomile, lavender, rose and ylang-ylang.

Healing crystals like lithium quartz have been used as antidepressants. Memory trauma will stay with you until it is identified and healed. Reiki is the process of moving blockages by using universal life energy channeled through the practitioner to the recipient. Unexplained phobias and dislikes may originate from a previous life regression. It is liberating to find out where you came from so that the direction forward is clearer.

The Book of Transformation is a forward-looking treatise on where humankind is headed after the end of the Mayan Long Count Calendar this December, 2012

Will any of these things come to pass? The answer is that time will tell.
Changes in the DNA are quantifiable through telomere length measurements.
The research challenge will be to relate observable DNA changes to the types of
future body architecture envisioned by the author.

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