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Book Review: The Best thing that Could Happen to a Croissant

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I was quietly reading the first few pages of this book, at Brews and News in Boca, when a strange thing happened. I literally had to place my hand over my mouth to keep from disturbing my fellow patrons with uncontrollable laughter. My shoulders shook and I laughed so much I almost cried.

Do you know how long it has been since I have had this reaction? I don’t, but I know it has been way too long.

Imagine the laziest person you know, add 300 pounds to him, and then make him 100 times more apathetic and you get the lead in this marvelous book. Except when it serves his purpose or has the mildy interesting characteristic of involving his ultra-rich family, Pablo “Baloo” Miralles is more concerned about feeding his face or making it to the bars before closing, than what is going on in the world until his next feeding time. It takes a possible attempted murder and kidnapping, and a call from relatives he barely finds interesting, to nudge him off his sofa and begin his bumbling attempt to find some answers.

The only parts that are a bit difficult to get through are the dream sequences, but even they are so bizarre that you have to continue to see what this bizarre mind will come up with next.

If you like intelligent, funny, mysteries with bumbling casts. you are going to love this book.

Caterina Christakos is a published author and CEO of Stillagirl.com. Read even more book reviews that rank from “wow I can’t put this down” to “hand me another martini if you expect me to finish this piece of drivel” at stillagirl.com
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