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Book Review: The Beatitudes – A Pinch and Scrimp Adventure by Lyn LeJeune

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Lyn LeJeune's The Beatitudes is book one in the New Orleans Trilogy, A Pinch and Scrimp Adventure. Pinch, also known as Earline Washington, is a native of the city of New Orleans. Pinch dubs best-friend Hanna DuBois the well deserving nickname, Scrimp, because of her savage appetite. Scrimp has a “want not” motto when it comes to food, and it seems as though she could never get enough. She grew up on the banks of the bayous, between Baton Rouge and New Orleans.

Both ladies are social workers for the city of New Orleans, and they are desperately trying to solve the murders of 10 foster children. The scriptural beatitudes, pure of heart, persecuted, merciful, sorrowful, peacemakers, meek, poor in spirit, and those who hunger and thirst after justice, are characteristics of those who are chosen. When the women realize that the murders are centered around a group called the White Army, the eleventh child goes missing.

This novel had my attention from the first sentence, “My best friend Pinch was murdered while I slept.” Wow, what an eye opener. Blindsided by plot twists and sideswiped by suspense, this book takes the reader for an unexpected ride. However, there is room for improvement. For example, the chapters are too long, 7 chapters for 304 pages. It makes the reader feel as though he or she is in a chapter that will never end, that no progress is being made to the end.

Also, there is an excessive amount of profanity for my taste. The profanity did not add to the story. Character realization should not be depicted on the usage of foul language. The same message could have been portrayed without vulgarity. Overall, though, the book has a good story line.

Lyn LeJeune will be donating the royalties from the sale of The Beatitudes directly to the New Orleans Public Library Foundation as part of The Beatitudes Network Campaign, dedicated to rebuilding the public libraries of New Orleans. Such an unselfish and kind gesture is commendable. Buy a book, help rebuild a library! Let’s extend our support to the New Orleans Public Library Foundation by buying a copy of The Beatitudes.

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