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Book Review: The All-Jewish Cartoon Collection by Mort Gerberg

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Readers of the New Yorker and HuffingtonPost.com are well familiar with Mort Gerberg's provocative, exhilarating, and always hilarious cartoons. Whether he is poking fun at the White House, Congress, society ladies, or just plain folk Gerberg's cartoons offer good-natured and humorous insights into our lives and ourselves.

I met the book's publisher Simon Schatzmann in my Pilates mat class and he sent me a copy of this recently published book, a slim paperback volume that contains the best of Gerberg's Jewish-themed New Yorker cartoons and that is "Strictly Kosher. Prepared Under Rabbinical Supervision." For those who are unsure about Jewish lingo (which you need to know to get some of the jokes) there is even a glossary!

Gerberg Gazelle CartoonYou may not know that the snake in Genesis offered Eve the classic Jewish breakfast sandwich of bagel, cream cheese, and lox as an apple alternative. Or that single Jewish men ask Santa for a blond haired blue eyed shiksa (non-Jewish woman) for Hanukkah. Even Jewish angels in heaven complain to G-d about the lack of hot pastrami ("What kind of heaven do you call this?"). Share both the joy of waking up to the first day of eating bread and not matzo at the end of Passover and the sadness of the prince when Cinderella turns him down because she wants to marry a Jewish doctor.

Whether you are Jewish, wish you were Jewish, or just like Jewish humor you should buy this book. Mort Gerberg's The All-Jewish Cartoon Collection will appeal to all cartoon fans, Gerberg fans, literary humor fans, and anyone interested in this slightly twisted take on Jewish life. Laugh a little; it couldn't hurt!

The All-Jewish Cartoon Collection is currently distributed and sold through specialty retailers, and online direct to consumers at www.booksbyzeus.com.

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