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Book Review: The Alaska Oil Conspiracy by David DesAutels

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The plot to The Alaska Oil Conspiracy is certainly nothing unreal or contrived. It is an all too plausible tale of corruption, duplicity, and greed. The fact that it includes Indonesia’s Suharto makes it all the more believable.

Much of it takes place in the wilds of Alaska on an oil platform. Geoscientists seem to have a short life span on one particular rig due to accidents. The main characters are sent to replace those who have had untimely deaths and soon start to believe things don’t add up.

Thus begins a race across the world where the curious duo manage to avoid death numerous times. It seems their assassin’s skills got rather lax after so many easy kills. Not knowing when to give up the chase doesn’t help matters for either party.

You could argue that the novel’s end is bit to convenient and simplistic. That does not distract from an excellent yarn that is quite easily read on a long place journey or in a couple of sittings. I had no problem getting into the novel or wanting to see how it all turned out.

The Alaska Oil Conspiracy is a cracking read that never drags nor gets too cumbersome. It makes for a recommended novel for those who like a nice taut thriller that is not too taxing.

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    Hi Marty,

    Thanks for the review of my book “The Alaska Oil Conspiracy.” Appreciate you getting to this. I just had an interview published with Rigzone. The book aspects are going well.

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