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Book Review: The Adventures of Isaiah James, Beach Boy by Sabrina K. Carpenter

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It’s the little things in life that bring us pleasure, and sometimes even a trip to the beach can turn out to be a great adventure on its own. That is the premise to The Adventures of Isaiah James: Beach Boy, a charming children’s book that should appeal to early readers.

Isaiah James wakes up, hopeful for a new adventure. His parents have the perfect surprise: a day at the beach. Isaiah is excited and gathers up his pail and shovel, ready to take on the day. Isaiah makes the most of it, managing not only to build sandcastles, but crawl with crabs, and even swim with some dolphins, until his parents finally tell him it is time to go home.

The book is written in a very easy-to-follow rhyming format, which young readers should grasp easily. The rhythm did not quite work for all the rhymes, but luckily the story sprints along from one adventure to the next, making sure to keep the attention of the reader.

The illustrations are very well done, with bright colors that will certainly please young eyes. The chalky aspect also made them appear as if they were created in sand, which fits the beach theme perfectly.

In a world of wizards, vampires, and other fantastic creatures, it is nice to see a book focus on some of the simpler things in life. Yes, maybe not everyone will swim with dolphins when they go to the beach, but Isaiah’s adventure is closer to real life than other popular stories. That makes the situation something anyone can relate to, as if readers could themselves be Isaiah.

The Adventures of Isaiah James: Beach Boy is a pleasant book, told in a very straightforward manner, which parents can share with their children.

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