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Book Review: The 17 Day Plan to Stop Aging by Dr. Mike Moreno

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Dr. Mike Moreno has written a book about the way he thinks you should live your life if you want to live longer. The book is called The 17 Day Plan to Stop Aging. He approaches the subject in much the way a teacher would conduct a class. The 17 plan actually evolves into four 17 day cycles, each building on the last.

I was doubtful about his information, but when I reviewed the resources and used the index to refer back to information on terms I did not catch the first time through, I was reassured. It appears that the book is well researched.

While Moreno’s book is not difficult to read, I found that I needed to pay attention to the details because I was not familiar with many of the terms he used. Oxidation stress, glycation and methylations were not words I understood. On the plus side he kept a most of the language very down to earth. For example, he encourages sex, talks about poop, emphasizes the need for frequent hand washing, and advises you to brush your teeth so you can think better.

Dr. Moreno’s thoughts on the aging process, what poor habits can do to the body and how to slow the march of time had my attention. Even though the genre was not what I would usually read, I actually enjoyed it. After I started I did not want to quit.

Note: Dr. Michael Rafael Moreno, practices family medicine and sits on the board of the San Diego Chapter of the American Academy of Family Physicians.

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  • As someone with aspirations to live to be at least 100 I was keen to read this “review” but the author appears to have left out more than they included. I hope it is laziness rather than the onset of senility. Very disappointed…

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