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Book Review: Ten: How Would You Rate Your Life? by Terry A. Smith

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If you feel that your life is as good as it can possibly be and can’t be improved in any way, read no further. However, if you are like most people and are looking to add more meaning, significance and substance to your existence and are interested in learning how to achieve this, pick up a copy of Ten: How Would You Rate Your Life? Written by Terry A. Smith, the lead pastor at The Life Christian Church in West Orange, New Jersey, and motivational speaker, Ten delves into strategies for securing your best future possible.

Intertwining vignettes from the Old and New Testaments, history and his own personal experiences, Smith masterfully weaves an inspiring, uplifting and moving tapestry depicting what is possible, attainable and achievable if one desires and works hard for it. Using the terms, “better,” “best” and “preferred,” to categorize the degrees of life’s potential, Smith defines each as follows: better is more than you have at the present; best is even better than better…it’s the Ten on a fulfillment scale of one to ten and thus is the preferred future — one that can be created if chosen. Smith further clarifies that this path is not about obtaining material possessions but instead focusing on a richness based on living morally and doing what’s right.

Proclaiming this is not a self-help book, Smith expounds on the importance and obligation of leadership in this process. He goes into great detail about how people must use their natural-born talents and gifts to motivate and guide others. In Smith’s view, everyone is capable of becoming and should aspire to be a leader. No matter what roles we take on in life, whether in our personal relationships and professional occupations, we are in the position to influence and change lives.

Inspiring, motivating and powerfully delivered, Ten inspires the reader to think, question, take action and ultimately strive toward creating a better life and world.

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