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Book Review: Tell Me Another Scary Story…but Not too Scary by Carl Reiner, Illustrated by James Bennett

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Carl Reiner’s new children’s book Tell Me Another Scary Story… But Not too Scary is a delightful read for children of all ages. The tale is the sequel to 2003’s Tell Me A Scary Story The book tells the story of a young boy and his relationship with Mr. Neewollah. Mr Neewollah, which is Halloween spelled backwards, creates scary masks and costumes for Halloween movies. In this story, Mr. Neewollah has promised the young man that he would create for him the scariest costume ever.

The book is illustrated by James Bennett. Both realistic and a little scary, the illustrations complement Mr. Reiner’s words to near perfection. Included with the book is a Dove Audio presentation read by Mr. Reiner and is complete with sound effects. Mr. Reiner’s reading is captivating. I listened to it on a long drive. I was so interested that I missed my exit.

Even though I thoroughly enjoyed the book, I still thought I should get a second opinion — actually, two second opinions. I took the book to my grandsons’ house and read it to Danny and Alex. They loved the illustrations and were fascinated by them. The lettering of the book caught their eyes and they pointed out every emphasized word. There’s a drawing of Dracula, which the boys both agreed was very scary.

During the book, there are passages asking if you would like to continue or is it too scary. I would read that to the boys and they both cheerfully agreed that we must soldier on — we had to find out just what happens next. When I closed the cover at the end of the story, I was told by both boys that I must read it again. We read it one more time, before I begged off and allowed the boys to “read” it to themselves.

The book delivers some scares, although “not too scary,” and a wonderful storyline. I would recommend this book to anyone with children. In fact, as I write this review, Alex is climbing the bookshelf to get it down to be read to him yet one more time. I don’t know what could possibly be better praise than that.

God Bless and Happy Reading.

(Note to Parents: This book is designated for children ages four to eight.}

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