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Book Review: Tea Party Patriots by Mark Meckler and Jenny Beth Martin

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Subtitled The Second American Revolution, Tea Party Patriots details the history and future of the eponymous tea party organization. Written by its two national coordinators, Mark Meckler and Jenny Beth Martin, with some outside help, the books aims to lay down an accurate account of their organization and the movement.

The book has several clear plans for action in the major areas of interest for the TPP to advance their core values in the public sphere. Those core values are limited government, free market and fiscal responsibility. The book goes into some detail to break down practical policies that make up part of the the core values.

There are sections on education reform and judicial prudence. The end of the book details their “40-year plan” to fix the US to aid the movement in their campaign. All of this is written in a clear and concise manner to avoid confusion.

The only real howler contained therein is when they get into the weeds of culture. To actually praise Tipper Gore’s Parent’s Music Resource Center in a tea party book is ludicrous. The PMRC lacked even a basic understanding of the 1st Amendment and was prejudiced against certain forms of music.

That said, those seeking a proper explanation of the TPP, rather the bleating of their critics, would be well served by this book. Mark Meckler and Jenny Beth Martin have created a record of where their organization stands right now and where they want to go.

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