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Book Review: Target: Tinos (A Chief Inspector Kaldis Mystery) by Jeffrey Siger

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Jeffrey Siger brings Andreas Kaldis, Chief Inspector of the GADA Special Crimes Division in Greece, back to life in his new novel, Target: Tinos, with great gusto to draw the reader into yet another well written, page-turning who-dun-it. Following three others in the Inspector Kaldis Mystery series (Murder in Mykonos, Assassins of Athens, Prey on Patmos) this book takes us to Tinos, in the Cyclades Islands just north of Mykonos.

The premise of the story is that Kaldis is called to solve the murder which involves two charred bodies chained together, along with pieces of a burned up Greek flag. The identified bodies were members of a gypsy clan. Although the government doesn’t want media attention and isn’t interested in pursuing leads to find out who murdered the two, Kaldis has another plan in mind. Along with his cohorts, Kouros and Tassos, he proceeds to investigate the murders only to find out that more people are being murdered. Eventually, the investigation leads to important information involving the Church of Panagia Evangelistria. As well, the investigation leads the three to various seedy bars, dangerous areas, and shootings.

During all this time, Kaldis is preparing for a wedding to Greece’s societal icon, Lila. High security is in place considering he is also a hunted man in the murder investigation. The wedding happens as scheduled with a slight diversion and concern which adds to the search of occurring murders and the who-dun-its. The unsuspecting culprits are finally found and apprehended but not without a breath-stopping read.

Jeffrey Siger’s writing is captivating. His character development and description  are clear and expressive. It is very easy to imagine the characters as well as the terrain and surroundings of Tinos. Although Target: Tinos is the fourth in the series, each book stands alone, however.  I do encourage you, if you haven’t yet, to read the others to get the full flavor of Greece and its islands. Kaldis, although a tough cop, is a likeable character who tugs at the heart of a romantic. I truly hope this isn’t the last of the series although the ending is making me question the words “Freedom or Death.”

(Reviewed by Irene Watson for Reader Views)

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