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Book Review: Take Good Care of the Garden and the Dogs: A True Story of Bad Breaks and Small Miracles by Heather Lende

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Heather Lende’s book, Take Good Care of the Garden and the Dogs: A True Story of Bad Breaks and Small Miracles, is one of the best and most memorable memoirs that I ever read. It is so touching and honest, that it is breathtaking in places. I was so mesmerized by the book that I read it, and then reread it.

Heather’s book is a true story about hardship, suffering, and how to find happiness and peace in the midst of all of the trials and tribulations of life, especially when things go really bad and the worst case scenario presents itself. It is chock full of wonderful pieces of wisdoms and aphorisms too. The reader will be moved to write them down and to live by some of them.

Her story is serious yet enriching and very inspiring indeed. Heather was at the top of her game. Her first book was coming out, and she wanted was to celebrate in her success. She thought that nothing bad could ever happen to her. Then the unthinkable did. After a really bad bicycle accident in the small Alaskan town where she lived, Heather ended up in a wheelchair in a nursing home. She thought that nothing worse could have happened.

While she was recovering at the retirement home, she was hoping and praying that she wouldn’t be paralyzed. At first, the doctors weren’t sure if she would ever walk again. She seemed to be paralyzed from the neck down. All she wanted was to move her hands and arms. She didn’t care if she had to live in a wheelchair most of her life. But as it turned out, things did go very well, and Heather’s recovery was almost miraculous.

Heather’s book will make the reader laugh and cry. It will leave the reader spellbound, and encourage one to look at life with peace and equanimity and to count blessings each step of the way. One of the true lessons of the book is that if life throws us a monkey wrench, there is probably a very valuable lesson embedded in the situation. All we have to do is find it. Heather admits that if she didn’t have her accident, she would have never discovered the type of faith that she did nor the patience to persevere even in the most troubling times. What a great message to leave the readers.

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  • I think I’m gonna head out to the bookstore now to look for this book.

  • It’s these true stories of overcoming adversity that are the most inspirational to me. Although I’m also moved by fictional work, to know that a real person is able to jump through hurdles and come out on the otherside safely is what moves me.

  • Hi Cathy,

    You won’t be sorry that you did. Let us know your thoughts after you read the book.

    Irene S. Roth
    Editor and Author

  • Hi Tiffani,

    This is indeed such an inspirational book. It will be on my shelf in the bedroom for a very long time. I hope you get a chance to read it too.

    Irene S. Roth
    Editor and Author