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Book Review: Swapping Lives by Jane Green

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I was introduced to Jane Green’s novels through one of her newest books, Second Chance. I’m not sure how I hadn’t come across her writing before, but once I’d read Second Chance and had the chance to interview Green, I knew I wanted to read her other novels. When I came across Swapping Lives, I jumped at the chance to read it. I love all thing British, so this story about a woman from London swapping lives with an American woman immediately caught my interest.

Vicky Townsley is the director of Poise! Magazine and lives a life that many only dream of. She’s single, has a great career, a gorgeous flat in London and a guy that she can call when she’s feeling flirty. And yet, despite all that she possesses, what Vicky has always dreamt of is a husband, kids and a nice, comfy home. In a moment of weakness she mentions her dreams to her boss and a story is born. Unfortunately for Vicky the story’s star is her – and somehow she’s agreed to swap her life with someone who is living her dream life.

On the other side of the Atlantic lives another woman, an American named Amber Winslow. Amber started life on the wrong side of the tracks, but married well. She is now the mother of two and lives in one of the largest homes in the town of Highfield. Amber, however, has grown tired of the constant need to outdo her friends and neighbors. Making sure she has a bigger house, more expensive clothes and an invitation to all the right parties has become exhausting. She’s ready for a change. Maybe a month in London would be the break she needs to rethink who she is and what’s important to her.

And so, the two women swap lives and begin the adventure of their lives. They set out to answer the question; can one person really step into another’s life? What will they discover about one another and, more importantly, themselves?

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  • I just got this at the library. I can’t wait to start it!