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Book Review: Strategic Intuition: The Creative Spark in Human Achievement by William Duggan

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Did you ever wonder how the great thinkers of the past came up with their inventions? What causes these aha! moments and how do they occur? Intuition is a marvellous thing, and it is used to create all kinds of aha moments through history. Dr. Duggan’s Strategic Intuition dispels all the mysteries which are inherent in intuition.

Brain science can now show us how flashes of intuition occur. Dr. Duggan’s strategic intuition is a special form of intuition which can be distinguished from other types of intuition. According to brain science, there are three types of intuition: ordinary, expert, and strategic intuition. Usually, our ordinary intuition is predominantly based on our gut feelings and emotions. They usually occur haphazardly to most of us. Expert intuition involves a snap judgement. It is usually the kind of intuition that scholarly individuals have when they recognize something familiar.

Strategic intuition, on the other hand, is very different. It occurs slowly. It involves a clear thought. It also occurs for individuals who have thought about a problem for a while. It usually is an insight that works in new situations. And this is usually where most of us need our intuition the most. Dr. Duggan shows the reader how strategic intuition works and how it differs from different kinds of intuition.

Dr. Duggan also shows the reader how strategic intuition has been at the heart of most of the great achievements in history. He shows us how flashes of insight work in Asian philosophy, classical military strategy, business strategy, and the history of science and cognitive psychology. But what’s more, strategic intuition is not limited to individuals with expertise. We can all have such moment of intuitive brilliance!

Strategic Intuition will be of interest to anyone who is interested in how the intuition works. The book is written clearly and can be understood by the expert and lay person alike. What a great eye-opening book about an intriguing topic!

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  • Dear George James,

    Thank you for reading my article and offering your professional commentary. I really enjoyed reading it!

    Good luck on your research and article on intuition. Keep me posted on how it is going. I have a philosophy background myself. So, I would be very interested to read your article once you have it done.

    Take care, and thanks so much for leaving a comment.

    Irene S. Roth, MA
    Author, Editor and Philosopher

  • Thank you Irene for your article. I am a professional intuitive trainer with 12 years of teaching experience base on a 35 year proven technique. I’d like to offer you, and the readers, an insight about intuition from my experience. Dr. Dugan’s “3” styles of intuition are linked to the cognitive and subconscious hypothesis. From a yogic point: “Intuition is another state of conscious that we all have.” And from a metaphysical point intuition is composed of the follow two “PSI” faculties, Clairaudience (clear Hearing) and Clairaudience Sentience, (clear Feeling) working in tandem to produce a knowing that bypasses the cognitive mind and give you a sense of knowing. Weston Agor,Ph.D.at University of Texas, conducted a 10 year study from 1980-1990, on intuition and business, with over 3000 business people from frontline managers to CEO and College presidents. What he conclude from this study was as one moves up the ladder of decision making the more they rely on intuition. From my experience training and working with business persons I found there are two basic styles of applying their use of intuition in decision making: Front enders and Back enders. Front enders have an intuitive insight and then gather the data to support their intuition. Backers have all the data get overwhelmed by it and when they step back and settled the solution emerges. I thank you for sharing your preview and i found it timely as I begin my research for another article on intuition. On my website and youtube I have videos on “Accessing Intuition in Realtime” that shares 3 perspectives, you may enjoy. Again thank you and all success to you.