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Book Review: Stormbreaker (Alex Rider Adventure)

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When 14- year-old Alex Rider hears of his uncle’s tragic death in an auto accident, he becomes immediately suspicious. As far as Alex knew, Ian Rider had been a banker, a very careful man. He was also Alex’s only living relative.

Following up on his uncle’s fate, Alex discovers that the car is at a junkyard and is sporting dozens of bullet holes and blood on the seats that proves his uncle was murdered. So who killed Ian Rider and covered the act up? And why?

Alex’s quest for the truth introduces him to Alan Blunt, a spymaster for Britain’s MI6 espionage agency. Caught while seeking further information, Alex is blackmailed by Blunt into becoming the youngest spy to ever work for MI6.

Herod Sayles, a multi-millionaire, is giving away thousands of his newest computers, Stormbreaker, to the children of London’s schools. Ian Rider was investigating the man and those machines when he was killed. If Alex doesn’t agree to undertake the mission, Blunt promises that he will be sent off to an orphan’s home, and that his housekeeper, Jack Starbright, will be deported back to America.

Before he can adjust to getting blackmailed, Alex is sent on a three-week crash course training with SAS commandos. Yanked out of training, Alex is thrown headlong into the grinning jaws of death where he will meet a spectacular array of villains, including Mr. Grin, who has had his face disfigured during a throwing knife accident in a circus, and a huge jellyfish.

Anthony Horowitz is a successful writer of novels and television shows. His latest Alex Rider novel, Ark Angel, is out this year, bringing the total number in the series up to six. The series has exploded internationally, bursting on to the scene and grabbing the reading public of all ages. A movie based on the first novel is awaiting release. In addition, Horowitz has television and movie scripts for Poirot and Midsomer Nights, and he has created his own television shows, Murder In Mind and Foyle’s War.

It’s thus hardly surprising that I absolutely loved Stormbreaker. Most readers who love action and spy fiction will devour this dynamic book in a single sitting or two – otherwise they’ll be in extreme agony waiting to see what happens next.

The book is exciting, easy to read and hard to put down. The breakneck pace of the story draws the reader on, and the simple use of the language to convey the story make it that much easier to read just one more page, and another, and another.
However, the simple writing evokes full images, cast and settings. And there are twists and turns aplenty in the story.

Alex is very likeable, and he’s very much like James Bond might have been imagined at that age. Not only is he quick and mildly sardonic, but he gets a cutting-edge tech GameBoy equipped with spy gear, zit cream that eats through metal, and a yo-yo that doubles as a ascending rappelling winch, serving him as well as Spider-Man’s weblines.

Even though the pace is driving and the descriptions are wonderful, the book could have used a little more dialogue. The dialogue that the author uses is pretty much spot-on, but more of it was needed. As the series progresses and the characters start talking more, that issue lessens.

Still, Stormbreaker is blistering hot and an excellent read for anyone interested in action adventure novels and spy stories. Personally, I can’t wait for the movie. I think Harry Potter is going to have to reach deeply into his bag of magic tricks to stay on top of the popularity polls for young heroes!

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  • Mr.So-an-so

    I was really dissapointed when I watched the film as it didn’t give me any of the happy feelings the book gave me. I felt it lacked comedy apart from when the ‘Bad Guy’ accidentally shot a pigeon. The action scenes didn’t grip me as the scenes in the book. But the ‘Bad Guy’…god…i mean couldn’t they have thought of something else. No offence to anyone who wears mascare but I didn’t like him wearing it…it made look silly, what with him monologing to take over the world an’ all. They’ve got the idea but I do not want to see the next in the series.

  • IZ

    i think me like this book ehhe

  • ALEX RIDER ROX~!!GOGO anthony horowitz~wirte more abt alex rider~IM UR BIGGEST FAN~

  • Alison

    Im about to read the book….hope its good….:)

  • Alezina

    I loved the book but i wasn’t really impressed with the movie . the guy was cute dont get me wrong but all of the other characters weren’t like the one’s that was described in the book . i kind of hated the movie. i would give a 4 out of 10 stars . i wish they hadn’t made the movie .

  • Ka

    i hope it’s good

  • go gir ;)

    brilll book tryin to do a review for the book now got any ideas ?

  • awsome one

    i have read the entire series and they are brilliant books. the movie Stormbreaker sucked!!! it was terrible and it was nothing like the book.

    this was wrote by AWSOME ONE

  • maria

    i have read the book my teacher is reading it to us is a perrtie ecxiting book trust me if you like action this is the perfect book.i really recommend it!

  • maria

    i am reading the sequel to this book
    it is realy good to as good as the first one.

  • takai

    YOUR BOOK ROCKS BIGGEST FAN EVERRRRRRRR !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 7OORIE

    ITTTTTTTTTTT ROOOOOOOCKS.x3!~ … We Took Itt in ENGLISH ,,, itss Realllllllly HARD 2<3

  • every_reador

    this book was OKAY but i really must admit, alex never did ANYTHING wrong, he always wins, hes the perfect child and i think this and many other aspects of the book sucked

  • im speechless

  • this booked sucked cock iate it.

  • JESS


  • Alex

    I am 9 years old and read the book at the age of 7 or 8. His life went up-side-down when his uncle died and eventualy he finded the truth about his uncle,dad and godfather.

  • austin

    best book!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  • nottelling

    The books were pretty good, but the movie was not. That’s all I have to say.

  • John

    Never Read Book Lol Need To Do It For My Home-Work

  • paul

    this book is ……………..


  • Cool

    theres a movie sweet. these books are like a action packed movie through your head and like tv everywhere. action, violence, danger, what more can a guy ask for!

  • Jaymes

    Many people thought that James Bond was a tired series suffering from too many cliches, poor character development, and also that every film contained a ludicrous plot that seemed in every way too dramatic and poorly organised to ever have a place in real life. I disagree with many people on this matter; James Bond, although cliched, remained a powerful and though-provoking series, (at least until Pierce Brosnan took center stage.) However, I cannot say the same about Anthony Horowitz’s tentative entry into the already heaving young spy genre, “Stormbreaker.”
    There is very poor character development; Alex Rider ends the book as if he has not been for more than a ride in the park. There is no remorse or aftershock felt, and that severely detracts from any empathy the reader has with him. As usual in this kind of book, all of the good character featured in the book survive, and most of the bad people die. (I would just like to point out that:
    1. Alex Rider’s uncle dies before the first chapter.
    2. I really couldn’t have cared less about his death, or Alex’s parent’s deaths either, because you are given nothing to use to relate to the characters. Typically, the gadgets seem ludicrous and overblown; a yoyo is a yoyo, not a friggin’ rock climber aid! Some characters are interesting, for example the villain, whose name is curiously changed in the film. His inevitable plot to destroy the world is brought on by a bitter past, which I appreciate, because it is believable, at least in that area. One curious thought though; the villain did what he did in order to exact revenge upon someone who had caused him pain in the past. I can relate to that. Naturally, Alex Rider defeats him, but when Alex, likewise attempts to take revenge, the author writes as though nothing is wrong. Major hole.
    Another cliche that I feel I must mention is the dramatic death sequence Alex Rider goes through. I do not understand why the villain did not take a magnum, and blows Alex Rider into next year. It is just not logical. That said, it’s not a bad novel. It has the action it just misses out on a few areas such as:
    Character development
    Any sense of logic
    Anything the reader can empathize with
    A quiet moment.

    This was written by an avid reader who is, unfortunately, not a fan.

  • lol

    well. the book was ncie action packed it was. it a lot like james bond btw, and i kind of cant out de bk down btw. and it s nice.

  • Lim Jeslin

    The book stormbreaker was very interesting. I liked the way the author, Anthony Horowitz described the main character, Alex Rider. The book is mainly about how a teenage boy became a spy because of his uncle’s death. It is fasinating to know that the teenage boy did not realised that his uncle was traning him to be a spy since young or maybe I should say he couldn’t believe it. I liked the description of word during the part when Alex Rider fund his uncle’s car by accident and realised that his uncle did not die because of a car accident but died under gun shots. This is kind of an action book. So, if anyone likes to read an action book and is above 7, I’ll recommend this to them.

  • Zac

    its a good book, worth reading

  • jesse pabla

    love the book read it at school. i dont read books but finished it and injoyed every bit of it. love it!

  • joe

    i liked the book but i for got the name of the stuff herod put in the computers……….

  • simi kool

    um the book is nice but once u watch the movie u dont want to read the book! overall good book! 🙂

  • nic

    i cant wait for code red to come out

  • nic

    yessen was good

  • robert street

    the book is great it was exiting. I injoyed the bit when he is attacked by a squad of bikers thanks for reading.

  • Daniel Green

    It was truly a great book, the movie’s storyline and scenes were slightly different though which was a real shame, but the movie still was really, really good.

    Great work overall

  • me

    the best book!!!! and the movie is great and so is alex. it would be amazing to see it. the film is nonstop watching and the book is non stop reading!!!! film:unexplainable because its tooo good!!!:)

  • Andrew

    Awesome book

  • Captain Obvious

    This is a book review!!!

  • momo

    this book sounds good, damn i cant find it

  • China burgess

    I have to do a book review on stormbreaker and yours looks like its based of the movie sorry but i think you should stay on topic the book.And stay on topic thooo.:)
    be blessed.

  • No Comment

    The series was amazing, except for crocotile tear, but the movie sucked like hell

  • lololololol


  • Evstayuahys

    Put a recommendation

  • Evstayuahys


  • olosingy dender

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  • Amber

    I read the book it wasn’t the best but it was ok 3star

  • Random

    The book is awesome 5 stars out of 5 stars

  • Ali

    Loved the book still today since I read it 4 years ago! Still a good book to read! Very few like this out there

  • .

    Lean and dab