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Book Review: Starting Your Career As a Freelance Web Designer by Neil Tortorella

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Neil Tortorella’s Starting Your Career As a Freelance Web Designer is about what it takes to be a successful freelance web designer. He believes that Freelance web design can easily become an all-encompassing endeavour for individuals. Freelancers can start working early in the morning and continue working nonstop until late into the night. Freelancers must set time boundaries and stick to them for their own health and well-being. They must manage their clients effectively and establish firm boundaries as well.

Boundaries are also important for family and friends. They can be taxing on a freelancer. Family and friends may think that just because they work from home, they’re always available to run errands for them or do whatever else they want on the whim. Freelancers must communicate their needs very clearly to their family and not waver in their goals.

Many freelancers define themselves by their work. This can also become a problem if they can’t separate themselves from their work. Freelancers don’t need to be constantly working to feel good about themselves. Freelance web designers are more than their work or web design.

Further, Tortorella believes that freelancers should carefully save their money. They should save and invest for their retirement, and when the time comes, they should retire. Freelance web designers either retire or they die at their keyboard. The choice is really theirs.

I recommend Starting Your Career As a Freelance Web Designer to any freelancer and specifically any web designer who is starting his or her business. A web designer has freedoms and rewards. Each freelancer must take time to plan his or her business. Then she must implement her plan. Each freelancer has a duty to put these limits into place. Only in this way will a freelancer be successful and enjoy health and peace of mind after retirement.

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