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Book Review: Split Ends by Kristin Billerbeck

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Sarah Claire Winowski is a small-town hairdresser with big dreams. She joins her successful cousin in California to carve out a new life for herself. Los Angeles, however, may be more than Sarah Claire bargained for.

After being told to change her name, her clothes and the way she talks, she’s not sure she’s cut out for the lifestyle she longs for. The one bright spot in her future may be her cousin’s roommate, but she not so sure about him, either.

When she meets her new boss it confirms her worst fears. Can she really take months of getting coffee for a boss she can’t stand? Her boss, Yoshi, may be one of the best hairdressers in L.A., but Sarah isn’t sure she can stick it out long enough to learn what he has to teach her. Sarah must struggle to find herself and figure out if her dreams are worth the cost.

Award-winning author Kristin Billerbeck’s newest novel is a great read from cover to cover. The story is both funny and serious and Billerbeck gives readers the perfect dose of both. I found myself cheering for Sarah throughout the novel and trying to decide what I would do if I was in her shoes. It’s an easy read and yet will get the reader thinking about what’s most important in life.

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