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Book Review: Snitch by Rene Gutteridge

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What do you get when you put together an “almost-retired” cop, a former clown, and a know-it-all? A police task force, of course. Ron Yeager has been working a desk job since being injured a few years prior. When he’s asked to train and lead a special task force, he’s not sure he still has what it takes.

Mackenzie “Mack” Hazard is a clown turned cop who is out to prove herself. Will her outspoken faith deter her from making her way through the ranks? No one, including Mack herself, is sure that she’s ready for this task force. Will she learn the ropes in time or will this be more than she can handle?

And then there’s Jesse Lunden, the cop who’s already seen plenty of task force action. Can he swallow his pride and learn from sergeant Yeager or will his hot head get in the way?

Snitch is the second book in the Occupational Hazard series. The hilarious cast sets the scene for a novel that has it all – mystery, comedy and even a little romance. Gutteridge has a light-hearted way of writing that endears the characters to the reader.

Gutteridge is the author of the Boo series and the Storm series of books as well as a number of other mystery novels. Gutteridge is also a talented screenwriter and has been published many times in that genre as well.

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