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Book Review: ‘Small Investor Playbook: Analyze Companies Like the Pros’ by Mark D. Mandel

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SmallInvestorPlaybookMark Mandel’s Small Investor Playbook, subtitled Analyze Companies Like the Pros, is an important resource for small investors who want to self-manage their equity investments portfolio.

Mandel introduces the basic principles of investing, the role the professional money manager, the analyst’s role, and the use of telecommunications in the industry.  He then illustrates investment tools and strategies that enable the reader to become a safe and successful investor through careful examination of the information provided.

The book is unique in its approach, in that it offers the small investor guidelines on accessing the resources used by large institutional investor groups and professional investors.

New investors will want to get a good understanding of Parts One and Two of the book, which detail the basic elements for reviewing financial statements, working within valuation parameters, key metrics and terms, and the most common questions addressed in conference calls. In Part 3, Mandel guides the reader step by step in an analysis of one to four companies from Standard and Poor’s top 500 companies listed within each of 24 key industries; from Automobiles and Components, Banking, and Capital Goods to Technology, Transportation and Utilities.

A comprehensive index is included as well as a reference with website addresses, and a complete listing of the S&P 500 Companies with their Ticker Symbols.

Whether you’re a new investor looking for investment guidelines, a seasoned investor, a professional advisor looking for better returns on investment, or just  curious about Mandel’s  strategies;  Small Investor Playbook – Analyze Companies Like the Pros by Mark Mandel is the book for you.

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