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Book Review: Slacker Girl by Alexandra Koslow

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Jane Cooper is an expert…in leisure. She has successfully avoided a corporate job since graduating from college and has mastered the art of passing time in her favorite coffee shop.

When she has a wake-up call and decides she’s tired of being broke, the universe seems to hand her a job as a “relationship manager ” at an investment firm. Jane begins to plan out how she can appear to be working or lunching with clients while instead spending her time ant her beloved coffee shop. After all, they wouldn’t want to aggravate her OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) by taking up all of her embroidery time, now, would they?

When Jane’s best friend, Rebekah, invites her on an all expense paid vacation, Jane can’t bear to turn her down. The problem? It may cost her job and the friendly relationship she’s built with her boss, Ray.

This book was hysterically funny. I prefer books without so much coarse language, but overlooking this, I thoroughly enjoyed the novel. It did take me a couple of chapters to really get “in” to the book because at first I found Jane’s attitude a bit, well…lazy. And yet as I grew to understand her, I realized that she knows she’s being lazy, she just isn’t sure why she should be anything else.

I grew to love Jane and cheer for her as she learns life’s lessons. Alexandra Koslow’s novel is a splendid, laugh-out-loud funny coming of age tale. This book is perfect for all of us who consider themselves past – or present – slackers.

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