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Book Review: Simple Pleasures: Healthy Seasonal Cooking and Easy Entertaining by Cornelia Guest

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Cornelia Guest’s Simple Pleasures is a great book about vegan cooking. Her recipes are mouth-wateringly delicious and the reader will be treated to a wonderful and colourful cornucopia of good food and great tips on how to prepare food in a simple manner.

Simple Pleasures is not merely about food. It is about developing a simple and graceful lifestyle too, and how to bring it about with a change in mindset and attitude. It presents an unpretentious way of living that can be emulated by anyone following a few simple steps that are outlined throughout. It is not necessary for us to live complicated lives. We can cook and entertain very simply.

The recipes contained in the book are seasonal in nature, and meatless. They can be made by anyone just by following the steps outlined. Guest has recipes for summer salads, spreads, and dips as well as pastas such as Roast Vegetable Pasta and Fennel and Lima Bean Farfalle. She also includes hearty recipes for the winter, such as winter stews and pastas.

Elegance can be achieved by developing an attitude of confidence, kindness, and openness towards different tastes, smells, colors, and aromas. Guest believes that entertaining should be easy. Great style begins with being comfortable in your own skin. We should practice being natural and gracious. We should stop being pretentious and uptight. The author shows a lifestyle that is based on easy elegance.

After reading Guest’s book, the reader will have learned that she no longer has to fret when entertaining. The reader will want to entertain in a simple way too in order to save time and energy for other things. The photographs throughout the book are beautiful and vivid. The reader will be led to believe that it is possible to live in an elegant manner and create a graceful life as a result.

I love this book. It will become one of the most wonderful cookbooks on my shelf in the kitchen. And as a result of reading it, I’ll commit to at least one meatless day a week.

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