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Book Review: Simple Knits for Cherished Babies by Erika Knight and The Knitted Odd-Bod Bunch by Donna Wilson

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Erika Knight is known for her simple, timeless designs. She has brought that sensibility to Simple Knits for Cherished Babies. While many of the patterns are about as simple and basic as you can possibly get (e.g the baby beanie), there are still some lovely patterns.

“Classic Cashmere Sweater” ties in the back with a simple satin ribbon, just as the matching baby leggings tie at the waist. But is it horrible of me to not want to waste cashmere on a baby? Can they even appreciate the luxury of cashmere?

“Garter Stitch Cardigan” couldn’t get any simpler – a classic button down shape for boy or girl. “Personalized Baby Blanket” uses reverse stitching to create a “shadow” of the baby’s initial. A pattern for a matching cushion is also included.

“Garter Stitch Wrap Top” is perfect for your aspiring ballerina. “Cashmere Teddy Bear” is where luxury and classic meet. “Vintage Cardigan,” with the delicate ric-rac trim, will have your baby channeling Jackie O. in no time. “Traditional Mabel Dress” will make your infant the belle of the ball.

If you are looking for something more non-traditional for your little ones, try The Knitted Odd-Bod Bunch by Donna Wilson. It capitalizes on the current trend towards strange plush toys, and is loaded with bright colors and creative shapes. Wilson offers 35 patterns for you to knit your own quirky, strange, and unique toys that are not just for kids.

Some favorites include: “Harry Hair Head,” a creature with a gigantic, lopsided head. “Nerg Green Bunny” vaguely resembles a bunny-alien creature with two leg, four eyes, and four ears. “Bunny Blue” is slightly smaller, with only two eyes. “Beryl the Bold” has the body of an extra-long wiener dog and the head of a cat. “Terry and Tina Twin” is a conjoined twin with blue skin and a stripey sweater. “Sleepy Pom” has a head like a hammerhead shark, with pom-poms on either side. “Oscar Dog” has a long black-and-blue striped body and a rat face. “Rill Raccoon-Fox” is part raccoon (the face part) and part fox (the tail part).

And out of nowhere, there is a pattern for an “Iced Doughnut.”

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