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Book Review: Shooting Stars by Hilary Louise Johnson

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If you are like me and find Hollywood to be as interesting as hearing the latest gossip from your favorite teenager this might be the book for you. Guilty pleasures rarely come so well written.

Shooting Stars is a novel about a woman who literally shoots stars for a living. When they outlive their usefulness she is called into to make them more marketable as a “tragedy.” Unfortunately she is so talented there are times when her clients’ wishes end up at cross purposes. Throw in a spiritual leader with his Hollywood fan-base, and you have a complicated glorious mess.

The combination of noir and the cynicism of cyberpunk makes this a smirk inducing tale of the first order. It positively wallows in the vapid miasma of Hollywood and pokes fun at the same time. The novel uses that odd voice in your head that wonders if x or y star didn’t die of natural causes. It turns fan obsessed conspiracy into a ripping yarn.

The front-cover declares the book to be a “mystery” which might be a touch odd to some. The book is part of a series staring “Carlotta Novak” so we can expect more tales of murder and show business to come.

A wonderfully dark cynical tale that could so easily be true.

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