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Book Review: Shattered Reality by Kimberly Cheryl

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What is your worst nightmare? What would you do if it came true? How would you deal with it, the emotions, the pain and heartache. How would you help your loved one through the horror of a nightmare come true, while at the same time trying to hold it together yourself? These are the questions that the author, Kimberly Cheryl, must deal with when — discovering the gift of sweet innocence being ripped away from her cherished daughter — she learns that someone she held dear and trusted her entire life has done an unspeakable, horrific injustice to her child.

Shattered Reality is the perfect title of Ms. Cheryl's work, as it describes how quickly one's sense of security can be shattered to pieces, in the blink of an eye. Sexual abuse is a very difficult and still a "hush hush" type of problem in today's society, sadly. Ms. Cheryl takes the subject and speaks of the story that she, her daughter and family had to, and still has to, endure, and brings it to light in a very deep and heartfelt way. Shattered Reality is a wonderful book for anyone who has ever experienced sexual abuse, or any type of abuse for that matter. It lets people know that they are not alone and is reassuring in its honesty.

We, as parents, and myself as a mom, try so hard to keep our children safe from harm. They are our life, our breath and our center of being. To discover that no matter how hard we try, all the precautions that are taken, all warnings, teachings and soul deep desperate ways we try to keep our children safe, circumstances can still happen to rip all of those well meaning intentions to shreds. Our children are an extension of ourselves and when they are hurt and betrayed, so are we. While reading the book, I could feel the author's pain and emotional betrayal, the heartache and sense of desperation to make all the wrongs right again.

Shattered Reality is not an easy read, but it is one that I think helps bring to light something that all parents should be made aware of. I also wanted to mention that the author's daughter added her wonderful talent to the book with her soul-searching and beautiful drawings that speak volumes with delicate pencil strokes.

*overall rating 4.5/5

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  • This had to be an incredibly difficult book to write, if only from the perspective of the dual-edged sword of psychology and emotions.

    Sounds like it was handled with the utmost respect and brutal truth. Well done, indeed!