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Book Review: Shattered by Lizbeth Lipperman

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Let me start off by saying Lizbeth Lipperman can write my name a million times, and I would find it fascinating. And while I love my name and am a smidge obsessed with it, Lipperman is just that kinda writer. What this storytelling genius writes is just so brilliant and when Shattered ended up in my impatient hands I was humming like a satiated lover. Yep, it’s like that and I am that kinda dame. It’s no secret Lipperman has skills, but after last year’s Mortal Deception, I wanted to be certain she could scrupulously deliver the goods on her sophomore jaunt as “Lizbeth” and I wasn’t going to just give her a season pass with this installment.

Jenny Lozano is my girl. She is by far the most superlative character to ever come from Lipperman and The Story Vault’s creative factory. La verdad! And while that sounds terrific and all confetti tossing celebratory, cookie cakes, I found myself becoming ill at ease with the Costa Rican setting and all the Colombian rebels. I was groaning, “oh, no, no, no, Lipp, don’t go there. Please don’t go there.” Reason? Linda Howard’s disastrous 2003 release, Cry No More. I tried to read Howard’s book twice, but the setting, mindless characters, flat narrative, and substandard take on Columbians made me nauseous and it was the end of venturing in that tropical oasis with any novel. Which gave Lipperman many, many, many – did I say many?—strikes against her. This was difficult because she is one of my all-time favorite writers.

Lipperman’s depiction of Jenny as a resilient woman, an exciting woman, a not-your-typical-drama queen-rescue-me-inane-heroine is what kept me plowing through. And Lipperman’s in your face ninja style deliverance of plot had this snobby chica hooked me into the wee hours. Lipperman just does that to me.

Jennifer Lozano was anticipating a few days respite on the majestic shores of Costa Rica to mend a broken heart. Jenny wanted sun, surf, and a heaping of “no strings attached sex” with a smoldering Latino wouldn’t hurt, as she luxuriated on the legendary coastline, but what she ended up with was a stifling excursion as a hostage that put her life on the line.

When she strolled into the airport terminal with the Dallas entrepreneur she’d became fair game for a maniacal group of Colombian rebels after a slipshod abduction attempt. The astute Lozano swiftly realizes that one of her abductors has strategies to deep-six her carcass on the side of the road after they use her to flee from being apprehended. However the dissident honcho has been injured in the mêlée, and as long as Jenny can keep him alive, with her nursing proficiency, she survives another day.

Storytelling ace Lipperman knows how to intensify tension, infuse scintillating heat, pepper action fiercely, and sustain it until the end. Let me say when you come to the end, cookie cakes, you feel wickedly delicious and extremely slaked. Lipperman’s second “Lizbeth” outing is a slick entrance into the contemporary suspense pantheon. Readers will find themselves unable to turn the pages fast enough in this impeccably written suspense tome. And all I have to say is, “Linda who?”

A persevering, shrewd, rock-solid, substantial thriller from the prolific Lipperman is what Shattered is in a nutshell!

Shout out to Kelly Bartlett Crimi for the stunning cover.

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