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Book Review: Shadows & Wings by Niki Tulk

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Shadows & Wings by Niki Tulk is a very interesting book that was a joy to read. The fast-moving story kept my attention drawn to every page from the first to the last. Niki Tulk’s characters are portrayed completely and leave nothing to be desired. She gives the reader a detailed description of Lara, an Australian girl and her beloved grandpa, and a good lead in to the main story.

After her grandpa’s death, Lara is left with a mysterious box full of unusual trinkets, each of which had special meaning to her grandpa. Lara was determined to find out what that special meaning was. What secret the trinkets held proves an enlightening quest for the inquisitive young girl and takes her on an adventure she would never forget. Her adventure takes her from Australia to Germany to find out what secret her grandpa kept all those years. Her search to discover the story of her grandfather’s life in Germany before he emigrated to Australia after WWII is a memorable adventure that the reader is so privileged to share — so memorable and touching it will pull at your heartstrings. Even the transitions from present to past, from Australia to Germany and back again, were done in a very professional style so as not to disrupt the reader’s train of thought.

Ms. Tulk has a definite style that was appealing and kept this reader’s attention and interest. I gave it a strong B on my scale and would recommend it to everyone. Shadows & Wings is a well crafted, well written book which engages both emotion and intellect. It has a combination of all the ingredients that make for a best seller. Nicely crafted, her 384 plus page book is exceptionally well written, and holds your interest, making it difficult to stop reading. I strongly recommend Shadows & Wings by Niki Tulk to the general audience and hope that other readers enjoy it as much as I did.

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