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Book Review: Shadow Flight by Harrison Jones

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In Shadow Flight, instructor pilot Kyle and one of the female students he is instructing in flight training and procedure are kidnapped by a drug lord’s henchman. The lord is intent on teaching his own pilots how to fly small planes so that, in turn, these pilots can illegally fly drugs into the United States at night. It goes without saying that initially, authorities believe Kyle’s flight has gone down either in the Pacific Ocean, or possibly in the wild country separating the United States from New Mexico including miles of treacherous mountain terrain.

Kyle is stripped naked and left in a darkened cell for several days so that, psychically, he will be more than willing to cooperate with the drug lord. Kyle is left with little choice. It’s cooperate, or he and his flight trainee will die. She, too, is held naked in solitary confinement. Kyle does his best to pretend to cooperate. Once each set of wheels of the drug lord’s trainee fleet leave the ground, Kyle must give these pilots the best possible instruction in order for him to return safely to terra firma.

In Shadow Flight, as Kyle unwillingly continues his flight training, once again he is taken hostage for an even larger venture. He and the drug lord’s loyalists insist that Kyle fly one of the gigantic Boeing planes as part of a terrorist plot, much like the kamikaze pilots who flew similar planes into two New York buildings on 9/11. Again, Kyle has little choice but to cooperate, or his captive female friend’s life will be extinguished.

But this highly intelligent woman and another fugitive captive of the drug lord have already escaped and are doing their best to reconnect with the United States counter-terror, counter-intelligence agencies. Can they somehow reconnoiter before Kyle’s conscience demands that he crash the enormous plane he is piloting? How will he sabotage the terrorists’ plan by bringing down the enormous airplane, knowing it will cause his own death like those heroes who deliberately died when they brought down the plane in Somerset County, Pennsylvania?

To find the answer to these horrifying questions, read Shadow Flight by Harrison Jones. This book will surely give you the creeps, not so much about flying in general, but flying with a question mark: Who is that person in the seat beside me? Behind me? Who are they, really; and what are their intentions?

Shadow Flight is as mysteriously rewarding as it is informative about all of the precautions that are now in place for those who fly, often on a daily basis. Although this book is terrifying, still, it leaves the reader with the uncanny feeling that traveling by plane is safe provided many watchdogs check out each and every flight thoroughly. This book deals with the very few who make every attempt to outsmart authorities to complete illegal, but financially rewarding trade into the United States.

I would highly recommend Shadow Flight to everyone who likes the convenience of flight that the United States provides. Yes, it would be great if our infrastructure supported extended, rapid train travel, but in what other country in the world can one fly 3000 miles and back in one business day?

Shadow Flight will leave you with a sense of awe. On the one hand, there will always be incorrigibles to flaunt laws. On the other hand, it will show you that there are so many safeguards to protect all of us as air travelers.

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