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Book Review: Seventeen: Ultimate Guide to Beauty by Ann Shoket

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Seventeen is a unique book about how adolescent girls can achieve their best hair, skin, nails, and make-up. As the editor-in-chief of Seventeen Magazine, Ann Shoket is an expert on these things  This book is a compilation of all the best beauty tips for adolescent girls. It will quickly become the best resource for adolescent girls to go to in order to look and feel their best in order to be confident and self-assured.

Seventeen is the ultimate guide to looking and feeling great from top industry pros. These ideas can be tried in the privacy of their own home. The tips contain easy to follow directions on how to apply make-up, style hair, and color nails for every occasion from going to school, hanging out on weekends, going to parties and date nights. Adolescent girls can look sleek and beautiful, without going to a salon and spending a lot of money.

Adolescence can be such a difficult time for girls. They can feel very vulnerable and uncertain of themselves. They are usually going through so many physical and psychological changes and they want to impress boys and win friends. This book will help to show girls to look and feel their best.

The girls featured in this book are regular, ordinary folk. And, they all look and feel great because of the simple make-up tips outlined in the book. The important thing to remember is that adolescent girls don’t have to be movie stars or fashion models to look and feel their best. They just have to be themselves and develop their own sense of style.

Seventeen will be enjoyed by all adolescent girls who love to look pretty while maintaining their own unique sense of style. This can build self-confidence and self-esteem in teen girls. This is a very engaging and colourful book that is filled with different shades and colours to inspire an adolescent girl to look her best. I hope each adolescent girl reading this book has a wonderfully confident journey and pick up tips that will help her to become the unique person she is.

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