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Book Review: Seouled Out by Andrew Henderson-Henderson

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Andrew Henderson-Henderson is unique. His literary style in Seouled Out is refreshingly different and extremely funny. The book is a tickler from the intro to the last leaf of its 357 pages.

As a law school graduate, the author admits to being a failure. He admits to flunking the Bar Exam right at the beginning of the book. The reason he tells the reader this little truth about himself is so that the reader will be aware of the loathsome feelings he has for lawyers and law school.

He goes on to explain that he was such a success at law school that he had to take a teaching position in South Korea. His escapades getting the job, traveling to the job and what happens when he gets there are a mix of comedy and tragedy. The horrors of international travel are brought out in vivid detail in his commentary.

Upon his arrival at his designated work area, he is confronted with many challenges – some of which are confusing, to say the least, while others are just plain ridiculous. One of the biggest challenges Andrew Henderson-Henderson has is the language barrier.

But, as in most countries of the world, he managed to learn the swear words first.

His experience with Korea is such a dismal one that he picks up and moves on to Bangkok. What he does there and his escapades in that country are nothing short of hilarious. With the number of bar girls running around, it’s a wonder he manages to retain his composure and keep it in his pants; good thing, too, because to hear his narrative one would think they all had HIV.

He winds up stuck in Bangkok with promises of money that is owed him but never shows up and so he becomes a street vagrant until his father comes through with money for him to fly home to Idaho.

Seouled Out  is funny and tragic at the same time. There are periods of great sadness, along with great humor when you think about everything that happens to this poor guy. The events that the author describes should not happen to anyone.

I gave Seouled Out a very solid B on my scale and if it were not for the pages falling out of the book I would have rated it higher. The writing is good and the editing up to par but the quality of the binding leaves a lot to be desired.

There is some foul language in the book, but I do recommend it to all adults that appreciate a good funny story.

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