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Book Review: Seeing Through the Lies: Unmasking the Myths Women Believe by Vonda Skelton

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Women disheartened by what American culture classifies as a modern woman will enjoy Vonda Skelton's Seeing Through the Lies: Unmasking the Myths Women Believe. You will not find a feminist view in this book. What you will find is simple truth. For those of us who are seeking truth, you will not be disappointed.

In these eleven chapters, each focusing on a different grouping of lies and deceptions, I found humor, quotes, research study results, personal illustrations, and most importantly what God has to say about women.

The focus is far different than what you would find in popular women’s magazines. Vonda Skelton first establishes that the notion of the superwomen is simply unattainable and is the result of deceptive advertising, bad tradition taught from mother to daughter, and perhaps some inner desire to have and do it all.

She then moves on to describe how God sees women, quite a different picture.
Should I be asked to pick just one quote from this book to include in this review, I would choose what she states about the central most unique aspect of a woman's life, motherhood. About motherhood,  Skelton states:

The world tries to rob us of the joy of motherhood by questioning its worth. Feminists tell us we can change the world, but they say we can't change it if we're bogged down in changing diapers. The culture glories the satisfaction in outside employment and diminishes the significance of mothering.

As a Christian woman, I was encouraged and enlightened. The ideas and perceptions that women have today about their marriages, their families, and their personal struggles leave them feeling inadequate. Such is the result of lies and deceptions.

The truth proclaimed in this book is that God loves us and created us to enjoy our lives, our children, and our marriages without the heavy burden of having to do it all.

The many years of bible study, writing, and speaking are quite evident throughout the book. I found the personal stories of  Skelton's life very entertaining. The scripture references the author includes are quite concise. She offers very wise counsel to today's woman.

Each chapter ends with a scripture reference. Seeing Through the Lies ends with a discussion guide, quite appropriate for a book club or bible study. I would consider this book to be a recommended resource for any woman's library, one to keep on hand and refer back to from time to time.

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