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Book Review: Save The Lemmings by Kai Strand

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This is a delightful and engaging story for middle graders. This story will encourage kids to help save our wildlife one small action at a time.

The story is about Natalie Edwards. She is an eight-grader and has three best friends. But Natalie has anything but a normal teen life.

Natalie discovers that there are rodents or lemmings in the Arctic who during their migration throw themselves off a mountain. She is saddened by this and wants to stop this senseless suicide by building small fences. However, none of her friends are interested in her mission.

She has a creative venture as well. In her spare time, Natalie has been working on an invention to create a model to submit to her father’s boss. The product is called Texty-Talky.

Natalie also has a mean friend, Trudy, who goes out of her way to get Natalie in trouble by setting a trap that could destroy Natalie’s good reputation. You see Natalie is a nice girl and Trudy wants to make sure that things don’t stay so jovial and nice.

Trudy accuses Natalie of doing a BAD DEED. And, unfairly, Natalie has to do penance for a deed she didn’t commit.

Before this happens, Natalie hits the limelight. Her creation is accepted by her father’s boss and it hit stores. The school officials are all congratulating her on her accomplishments. Natalie gets a lot of media attention because of this too. It got too much for most of her friends who decided to shy away from being beside her.

But then suddenly the media finds out about this BAD DEED! Everything gets blown out of proportion, and from the way they portray it, Natalie is even in accused of more than just the BAD DEED.         

The reader will feel terrible for Natalie.

This story has many important lessons for teens. One important lesson is that we should always believe in ourselves and to be true to ourselves, regardless what everyone else thinks. We should persevere and not worry about the small-minded people who are trying to destroy our reputation and life.

The book also shows the complexity of friendships, and how important it is to choose your friends very carefully and let go of abusive friends. These are all great lessons for tweens and teens to learn.

I wish I had a book like this when I was a young girl.  

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