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Book Review: Sabrina’s Window by Al Riske

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Sabrina is a beautiful 31-year-old hair stylist and budding artist. Joshua is a 17-year-old paperboy. Both live in Taos, New Mexico. Their lives interconnect one day when Joshua accidentally breaks Sabrina’s window while delivering a newspaper. Rather than paying for the damage, Sabrina allows him to work it off. As the summer progresses, and Joshua’s debt is paid off, an unusual friendship develops between the two. Having lost his mother, Joshua finds comfort in confiding in Sabrina. Having her own relationship issues, Sabrina doesn’t know all of the answers, but she does lend a friendly ear. In addition to offering Joshua personal advice, Sabrina also helps guide him from being a scruffy teen into a handsome young man.

Their friendship progresses as Sabrina and Josh try to figure out how to handle their personal relationships. Because of the difference in their ages, they also attract scrutiny from the locals. While they both recognize an attraction to each other, they recognize the need to stay platonic. In spite of Sabrina’s age, this is really a coming-of-age tale for both of them.

This novel will be enjoyed by people of all ages, including teenagers. They will be able to relate to Joshua’s angst as he heads towards adulthood. Many adults will be able to relate to Sabrina’s relationship dilemmas while reliving their own teen years and the drama that came with them.

Sabrina’s Window is a pure pleasure to read. Al Riske does an excellent job of creating colorful, realistic characters. The story is brought to life while the author blends the story into the beautiful Taos scenery. Doing so gives the novel a very unique flavor and I highly recommend it.

Sabrina’s Window
Al Riske
Luminis Books (2011)
ISBN 9781935462538

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