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Book Review: Rubies in the Orchard: How to Uncover the Hidden Gems in Your Business by Lynda Resnick

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When I was approached by the author about reviewing her book, I had no idea who Lynda Resnick was. I'd seen Rubies in the Orchard: How to Uncover the Hidden Gems in Your Business on various sites, but really had no idea who or what it was about. Well now I know and I'm unbelievably impressed with Lynda and her marketing genius. For those who don't know who Lynda is, she's the marketing genius behind brands like Teleflora, Fiji Water, Franklin Mint, and POM Wonderful.  I have a background in marketing (Business Marketing degree) and I sold newspaper advertising for many years, so I am always interested in marketing books. I was prepared for the usual somewhat stodgy, slow moving book and I was very surprised. This book was anything but a stodgy marketing wannabe textbook.

The story of how Lynda rose to the top is inspiring and at the same time daunting. This book is more autobiography than marketing book and some people will be very disappointed in that, but I found a lot of information in this book. Where I've seen some reviews that say this is just one big commercial for Lynda and her products, I disagree. In talking about how she made her products rise to the top, and talking about everything she has done and why she did it, everyone can take something away from what she is saying.

One of Lynda's principle tenets is to find the intrinsic value of what you want to promote, do your research and then find your primary market. Rather than 'thinking outside of the box,' Lynda encourages business people to dig deeper into the product and find out what makes it unique, special, or needed and then use that information to market it. She is adamant about marketing towards that primary group of consumers who will want that product and not spending useless dollars elsewhere. Lynda has spent a lifetime promoting products and has done it amazingly successfully. Rather than hit the reader over the head with non-stop marketing advice, the book basically says "This is what I've done and it worked!", and sometimes the best method of leading is by example.

Finally, I think anyone would be inspired by Lynda's story. Rubies in the Orchard is well paced and interesting. There is a lot of marketing insight in this book, but the marketing advice is twined in with the stories she tells. If you're looking for a hard hitting marketing book, this probably will be a little light for you. If you're an average person looking for some advice from someone who is uber-successful, this is a great book. I think especially it's a great book for women in business who need some inspiration from a woman who has been there and has made it work.

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  • You know, I’m not much for non-fiction books of this nature, but I have to say that after reading this I’m pretty dang tempted to pick up a copy just for the sheer entertainment value.

    Well done, Marta!

  • great work Marta very clear and useful
    Jo Ann Hernandez

  • Great first article, Marta! Welcome to Blogcritics!

  • Great review, Marta, and welcome to Blogcritics! I found your news at Twitter!