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Book Review Romance With A Touch of Love by Kevin Hollingsworth

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Romance With A Touch of Love is a quaint little poetry book that one could read from start to finish while waiting for the doctor.

Do not be fooled by its short 23 pages. For its length, it packs an entertaining read on every page. Mr. Hollingsworth has a descriptive style that brings you into his thoughts; you can envision what he is remembering and what he sees in his mind.

Beginning with “American Princess,” you can imagine what the princess looks like from the poet’s descriptive verbiage; you can almost feel “the softness of her skin.” Then, in “Death and Marriage” you feel the anguish he has over his lost love. For such a religious man as Kevin Hollingsworth seems, it is a tragic blow to his faith when his prayers are not answered.

In an attempt at a dark poem, Kevin Hollingsworth pens one called “Alone.” In it he describes the stark realization he has that “she” is gone. The torment of such a thought leaves him in agony with only “loneliness admiring him.”

I thought Romance With A Touch of Love by Kevin Hollingsworth was entertaining for its few short pages. I would have liked to have read more of Mr. Hollingsworth’s work and wished that this brief sample of his literary talent would have continued for at least another 25 pages, but that is not the case. I give it a well-deserved B on my scale and although I think it a bit pricey for only 23 pages, it is a good read. I would recommend it to a general audience since it does not contain anything that would be objectionable to minors.

(Reviewed by William Phenn for Reader Views.)

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