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Book Review: Rock the World Rehab by Denise Marie Nieman, Ph.D.

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Rock the World Rehab by Denise Marie Nieman, Ph.D., presents a four-step program that will detox your body, mind, heart and soul. Presented in a high energy, enlightening manner, the book is full of ideas in which we can clean up the clutter in our lives. This includes a healthy detox plan to physically help clear out the toxins in the body. By following the menu plan listed, readers will be able to clean out their systems and drop a few pounds. A “Rock the World Daily Rehab Script” is provided so that it will be easier for readers to follow the plan and keep track of their progress.

Especially helpful to me was the section about cleaning out the negative people that are weighing me down. Presented in a positive, enlightening manner, the author explains ways that we can nicely step back and clear out friends and family who are dragging us down. Detoxing from the negative people is critical for our all aspects of our selves. By being able to do so in a manner that doesn’t require drama, a great deal of aggravation can be avoided.

I also really benefited from the section on clearing out the clutter that is around me. Having been working on this since I moved seven months ago, I felt even further freed to let go of the last few items that I was holding on to. While reading this book, I helped several friends restock their closets with clothes, many unworn, which they could wear now. I also made some trips to the Salvation Army and filled up a garbage can with stuff that I did not need nor did anyone else!

In addition to the author’s insights on how she feels we can best live our lives, she offers a ton of inspirational quotes from famous people and friends that will give readers lots of “AHA!” moments and tons of material for journaling. I can’t think of any stone left unturned in this book. In spite of the huge amount of information covered, the energetic manner in which the information is presented kept my reading pace very fast, and I felt excited to put some of these ideas to use immediately.

I was fortunate to have the opportunity to read Rock the World Rehab by Denise Marie Nieman, Ph.D., at the start of a two-week vacation, so I was able to start on the program without distractions. While I enjoyed reading this book by myself, I think that there are women who would love to follow this program together, and use each other for additional support. Totally written for women by a woman with an understanding of how we tend to operate, I can’t imagine any female who could not benefit from the precious material to be found within these pages.

(Reviewed by Paige Lovitt for Reader Views)

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