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Book Review: Revolution by Alex Tamayo-Wolfe

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Revolution, a beautiful tale of love, loss, and salvation, begins on a vineyard near Vienna. Helene Marie Neumann and her family own and run a small vineyard. When her father makes a deal with the wrong man — her best friend's father no less — their lives are forever changed. Her family is separated and Helene finds herself in an orphanage. Life is cruel to Helene and she becomes a bitter young lady.

Until one dark day. After years at the orphanage and then living in the slums, a new roommate arrives who will change Helene's life for the better. Helene soon decides it's time to make a pilgrimage to see her old home. There, she finds her childhood friend, Maximilian, and through him small seeds of hope implant themselves in her heart – even though Maximilian has grown to be cold and hard like his father and plans to use Helene's trust to benefit himself.

Revolution's story is one that will stick with you long after you finish the book. The writing is superb and the plight of the characters is such that every reader will relate. I was especially moved by the characters' journey toward the Lord, which was something I wasn't expecting. From the blurb on the back of the book I was expecting just another historical romance. What I found was much, much more than that.

Alex Tamayo-Wolfe paints a vivid picture of life, suffering, and deliverance through the characters experiences. The drastic change in Helene's life — going from a much loved daughter to an orphan — reminds the reader that life can change in an instant. Her struggle to rise above her circumstances is a call for each of us to do the same. The theme of salvation permeates each of their lives and illustrates the struggle that we each face at some point in our lives – what we will believe about God.

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