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Book Review: Return of the Legacy: The Portals of Destiny, Book 1 by KH LeMoyne

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Yes, I know, I’ve said this before and more than once. I’ve always loved mysteries, and I got to truly love fantasy after discovering it for the first time a couple of years ago. I am a little less keen on romance, most of it is way too sappy for my taste, or simply so predictable that I can’t seem to be able to justify spending my time reading yet another cookie-cutter romantic story, where the only things that ever seem to change are the protagonists’ names. So when I saw the description of the genre in Return of the Legacy listed as Paranormal Romance/Fantasy Romance/Romantic Suspense I did not get overly excited. Then I made the mistake of reading the first chapter as a short break after lunch…

Needless to say, dinner was very late that night. I simply could not stop reading. KH LeMoyne’s fantasy world was irresistible. There were three vividly described magical dimensions and two main characters from two exceptional mystical bloodlines, that were clearly meant to belong together. There was a lot of magic, a lot of strife, and even more sizzle. I was actually surprised that the pages did not burst into flames at times, since Briallen and Logan sparked and sparkled so brightly. I found the characters exceptionally well developed, the plot suspenseful and anything but predictable, and the entire magical world in the book totally engrossing. What surprised me most of all was the fact that I equally enjoyed the descriptions of magic, the fights, and the sizzling love scenes. Very few authors are good at all of those, but KH LeMoyne’s writing captivated me in all of those segments.

While I truly enjoyed reading about the oh-so-charming and self-assured empath Logan, I was even more intrigued by his cousin, Robert, and I do hope that the next book(s) in the series will tell us more about him, as well as about Briallen’s brothers, the young Fiona, the dashing Connor and pretty much everyone else in the story. This is a book that is clearly meant as a beginning of a series, and I can only hope it will be a long one. I would highly recommend Return of the Legacy to those readers who enjoy very well-crafted fantasy worlds and unusual magic, and who are not intimidated by sometimes quite explicit love scenes.

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