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Book Review: Rediscovering The Power of No by Irina Avtsin

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Avtsin’s E-book Rediscovering The Power of No is a wonderful and informative account of how we should say ‘no’ more often. It is partly a book and partly a
workbook. Readers are encouraged to print off the book and write notes in the margins as well as do some of the exercises in the book. These exercises are meant for readers to become more aware of the reasons why they say ‘yes’ when they mean ‘no.’

So many of us are addicted to approval from others. And because of this it can
sometimes stifle our true feelings and emotions, causing unnecessary stress and exhaustion in ourselves. Our families and friends can put a lot of undue stress on us by making demands that may not only stress us out but make us sick as well.

Rediscovering The Power of No will outline some of the benefits of saying ‘no,’ such as guarding our boundaries, protecting our resources, not overstressing ourselves, and helping others to appreciate our ‘yes.’ These are all great benefits of saying ‘no.’ However, the most important reason why you’ll benefit from saying ‘no.’ is because you will be true to yourself. Unless you aretrue to yourself, you can’t be true to others.

I would recommend Rediscovering The Power of No to anyone who has difficulty
saying no and meaning it. We all deserve to live an authentic life.The only way we can is to be honest and true to ourselves. Avtsin’s book will help you do just that.


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