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Book Review: Raising the Past by Jeremy Robinson

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In Raising the Past, an intact woolly mammoth carcass is found frozen in the ice. If the discovery of a fully intact mammoth is not exciting enough, hidden inside is the body of an ancient woman. If that's not a big enough thrill, she's clutching an ancient, metallic object. (The uh-oh moment). At this point I wondered if, like in Michael Crichton's Sphere and Robinson's own The Didymus Contingency, we're dealing with time travel, but the truth is much more deadly.

Raising the Past maintains what is fast becoming Jeremy Robinson's trademark; a fast-paced, entertaining read with engaging characters, and just enough science to make a plausible story. It is a solid second effort from an underrated author.

The downside is that so many elements of this story have been done before. Readers of the action-adventure-thriller genres will recognize echoes of Michael Crichton and Douglas Preston/Lincoln Child in the cast of characters, and Matthew Reilly and James Rollins in the story line.

This isn't entirely a bad thing. The action-thriller genre is largely comprised of authors coming up with new ways to present the same tried-and-true formula. Fans who want a heavy dose of science. Michael Crichton's Next, for example, will find the minimal science and technology aspect disappointing. Readers of fast-paced adventures like Matthew Reilly's Ice Station and Seven Deadly Wonders, however, will find Robinson's books an enjoyable way to spend a weekend.

Based on originality, I prefer Robinson's first book, The Didymus Contingency, but I nevertheless enjoyed and recommend Raising the Past, and look forward to his next effort.

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