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Book Review: Raising a Modern-Day Princess: Inspiring Purpose, Value, and Strength in Your Daughter by Pam Farrel and Doreen Hanna

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As the mother of three up-and-coming princesses how could I possibly resist a Christian title named Raising a Modern-Day Princess? Short answer – I couldn’t! After the success of Tyndale’s Raising a Modern-Day Knight which encourages parents to guide young men through a faith-based, structured coming-of-age passage inspired by the codes of knight-hood, they began to watch for a female equivalent.

Pam Farrel and Doreen Hanna were the authors found with a vision for mentoring young women, for meaningful faith-based tradition building and rites of passage, for equipping young women to embrace a future as a daughter of the King. Combining their ministry and life experiences, these two women have come together to pen this introductory overview for every parent wondering how to breathe more life, more purpose, more meaning into the lives of their daughters, granddaughters, nieces, and any other young woman they may be blessed with the opportunity to influence for good.

Covering a fairly broad territory Farrel and Hanna discuss the importance of loving fathers in the lives of girls, receiving and giving mentorship, ideas for planning coming-of-age celebrations, blank forms, personal reflections, testimonies, and much more. While there’s certainly plenty included to get parents thinking in princess-mode, Raising a Modern-Day Princess clearly points to additional resources that provide an entire course of study for churches and community groups longing to equip their young women for a future spent serving the King.

A structured 10-week program leader’s guide is available through Treasured Celebrations to help guide young women through vital, faith-based lessons related to becoming a young woman in Christ. Raising a Modern-Day Princess is almost an introduction to that course, or an orientation session in a book for parents, describing the importance of developing faith-based celebrations into the lives of our daughters.

Keeping in mind that this book doesn’t entirely stand alone, I was unable to resist looking forward with anticipation to my own children’s growth towards womanhood. Though I wasn’t a believer when I reached puberty, I doubt I could have resisted the compelling beauty of such a joyful, and supportive celebration had it been offered.

Investing in, and loving on our young ones is always a wise decision. Our young daughters will become the wives, mothers, teachers, missionaries, and world changers of tomorrow. Let’s speak into their lives when their hearts are tender and attuned to our counsel by coming together in times of beautiful celebration of God’s plan for them.

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