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Book Review: Questions About God: And the Answers That Could Change Your Life by Pat Boone and Cord Cooper

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Through the ages great philosophers have always tried to comprehend life, the world system, science, and even puzzling questions. Some they figured out while on others they simply postulate theories, to get by with. Aristotle, Plato etc., all had their opinions or reservations but still acknowledged the existence of some sort of higher God. These days, with terrorist attacks, cannibalistic monstrosities, and even the tempest of natural disasters taking the front pages of our news dailies, the issue of trusting in a compassionate God would certainly not be an easy thing. In fact, lots of people are confused as to what to believe in or not to believe. This is either due to one of two things: one, a lack of spiritual illumination in the lives of people; or two: as a result of the unanswered questions flooding our heads!

Questions About God is an eyebrow-raising book that attempts to signpost readers to credible answers. However sensitive or detached we may be from this debate about God, one thing will forever remain constant: men will always need some level of faith to believe that God either exists, or that He doesn’t!

Interestingly, Questions About God has been authored by an unlikely duo, though not a surprise. Pat Boone (April Love, State Fair) the gospel/pop music entertainer, and Cord Cooper ( the award-winning writer/reporter), have joined hands to pen this informative read in response to, first, their own individual inner throbbing questions, and also to help minister to that of others.

Questions About God steps on the throttle from the precipitous arguments about God, the validity of His creating this planet and indeed the Universe, while veering through the gridlocks of the Big-Bang theory, before storming through questions as it pertains to why God allow tragedies if He really exists. The book then gears changes along the boulevard of humanistic opinions and atheistic motivations, before reaching the chequered flag on the questions about the Faith, the Bible, and Jesus Christ being the Son of God.

A growing number of physicists now adduce to the possibility of the cosmos as being custom-made for life and consciousness – which hints at the very nature of God. At the same time, medical luminaries and indeed numerable scientists are now coming full circle to the evidential studies which reveal the phenomenal rate at which many patients with either improbable or incurable illnesses experience speedy recovery. These they trace down to the spiritual undertones — and not just owing to the patients possessing a positive attitude.

Among other proofs and accounts of God’s reality and infinite existence, is an endearing story which sums up Questions About God. It is about Roger Crawford. “Born with two deformed legs and no hands – only a thumb and finger at the end of his left forearm, and a thumb-like projection at the end of his right forearm.” Crawford went on to become a high-school tennis champ and a nationally known motivational speaker. He attributes his success to a positive mental outlook – particularly, faith and prayer.

It isn’t impossible that we won’t engage in incomprehensible questions again in life, or bottle-in unspeakable pain man may never discern in us; yet by launching out with an open mind and having a read of Questions About God we could find some answers to the floating question marks showing up in our heads.

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