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Book Review: Pursuit by Luiz Alfredo Garcia-Roza

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Hospital psychiatrist Dr. Arthur Nesse has a problem. One of his patients, a man variably known as Isidoro and Jonas, has been stalking him. Now, he believes his family is in danger, and he calls on Inspector Espinosa for help. His daughter and the patient are both missing, and Nesse suspects foul play.

When the daughter shows up at home, unharmed, you think that the book is over. But Garcia-Roza’s psychological-thriller Pursuit is only just beginning. The plot of this book has more twists and turns than the best roller-coaster — it’s designed to keep you guessing frm the beginning.

This book is the fifth in the Inspector Espinosa series, and I was worried that I’d come in too late to really enjoy the book. I’m sure that there were some inside references that I missed, but I didn’t feel that I missed anything important in the book by not having read the previous four. In fact, I’m looking for the others in the series now, so that I can learn more about this fascinating detective, Inspector Espinosa.

The book isn’t a mystery in the whodunit genre — it is far more a thriller, with psychological overtones that throw a light on the darkest qualities of the human psyche. The book will keep you guessing — and keep you reading — right to the very end. There were times as I read the book when I really felt that I understood the ammount of confusion that Espinosa felt as he tried to deal with this increasingly bizarre case. The only real difficulty that I had with the book was the unatisfying conclusion. I really felt that nothing was resolved, the questions about Isidoro/Jonas really unanswered. This unsatisfying conclusion aside, the book is a fascinating read, and I recommend it to anyone who enjoys psychological drama.

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