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Book Review: ‘Pukka’s Promise: The Quest for Longer-Lived Dogs’ by Ted Kerasote

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This is a great book for dog lovers and wannabie dog lovers. I am usually a cat person myself, but Pukka’s Promise inspired me to own a dog in time!

After losing Merle, his beloved dog, author Ted Ketasote got a new puppy and wanted to give his new friend the best life possible. The things that Kerasote shares with the readers will surprise everyone and also offer tips to make sure that they can do the same to keep their own puppies healthy and well.

Kerasote answers a lot of questions in the book. Some of them range from answers as to whether a purebred is as healthy as a mixed-breed, whether you should say no to yearly vaccines and spaying or neutering, and how to choose the best and most healthy food for your dog. He traveled the world in search for answers to these questions, and he truly offers the reader a range of expert answers that will be beneficial for anyone who wants to ensure that their dogs will be healthy and well.

I found myself falling in love with Pukka. I now want a dog just like Pukka myself. Kerasote offers stories about how wonderful it is to live with a wonderful dog and how we can grace their lives. Dogs will, in turn, grace our lives, and we will be inseparable. Life with a dog now seems to be the most marvelous of things. I can’t wait to get my very own.

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