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Book Review: Prince Andy and the Misfits: Shadow Man by Karen Gammons

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Land of the free, home of the brave. Now nearly forgotten, these words from our national anthem once were as commonly used as any slang today. And thanks to our free market economy, we aren’t compelled to only read shallow tales mass-produced by a few publishing moguls. We now have many independent authors who are quite good. Which brings us to Prince Andy and the Misfits, another “good ol’ fashioned” story of chivalry, honor, and a dash of romance.

The story’s main character is a popular 16-year old, so this makes the book likeable and of interest to older readers, especially reluctant ones. However, the story line isn’t about high school and so its content is appropriate for all ages.

This doesn’t mean the action scenes are lame by any means. Early on, Elsfur beheads three knockers with his sword! However, in the style of the best of classic literature, our author goes beyond gore, distinguishing for readers a “just” battle. Authority and hierarchy are realistically portrayed, as is clear leadership. The characters experience life lessons that are easily applicable to our own real lives too. And after all, traditionally that was a purpose to good children’s literature :>)

As we follow the misfits in search of the missing Queen Noor, unexpected alliances surface. Perhaps those folks we thought to be the enemy aren’t that bad after all. And with a traitor in the group, not all of the misfits are “good guys” either. Winning the battle doesn’t mean the war is over, and we are left with a cliffhanger leading straight to Book 2 of the series.

If your reader (or you!) likes fantasy but found series such as The Lord of the Rings a bit too complex, put a copy of this book under their nose instead :>) From beginning to end, the characters exemplify virtues while also being imperfect and likeable… just like us. Younger advanced readers will enjoy this as well reluctant readers. Speaking equally to boys and girls alike, it makes for a great family book club selection too!  .

EXTRA: Purchase the hardcopy of the book, and it provides instructions to download a free audio version too! In addition to benefitting the entire family listening together, or entertaining on car trips, it is also an excellent teaching tool too, helping both advanced and struggling readers.

Gammons, Karen. (2011). Prince Andy and the Misfits: Shadow Man. Mustang, OK: Tate Publishing. ISBN 10-9781616636197. Litland.com recommends 14+, appropriate for younger advanced readers.

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